Microdot Technology

A South Africa-based employer has launched an inherently-developed, advanced microdot-tag and trace respond for automobiles and completely extraordinary excessive-cost transportable belongings, giving South Africans entry to reasonably-priced, surroundings pleasant asset-identification enjoy that has the potential to cut back for stolen gadgets with the aid of making the theft and the resale of stolen belongings lots lots less feasible for criminals.

they’re one in every of solely 3 suppliers of microdot tags for asset-identity on this country and objectives to seize approximately 50 percent of the rising marketplace inside the brief-time period, with the goal of growing its marketplace-proportion to 70 percent through 2012.

The business enterprise’s director, believes that there may be a large marketplace for microdot revel in in South Africa due to it has very vital ability to discourage theft by way of restricting the native marketplace for stolen items. Securing the identification of property is certainly the only software software to limit theft due to it reduces their marketability, and microdot experience is possible one in all many biggest strategies of entrenching the identification of an asset because of it offers indisputable evidence of ownership and a stage of asset-identification that simply makes the resale of stolen belongings a lot an awful lot much less viable and less profitable for criminals and syndicates.

“native and international data contemporary that utilising microdot revel in to entrench the identity of vehicles results in 50 to 60 p.c decrease inside the wide variety of stolen and hijacked autos.” it truly is pretty wonderful, “says the Director.

in step with him, microdot enjoy, as a software program to lessen the marketability of stolen objects and deter theft, has received vast recognition in worldwide regions much like Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Russia.

In South Africa, using microdot experience is gaining momentum and as consciousness grows, microdots (explicit polymer-based totally devices which could carry a novel identity quantity) are predicted to expose into one in every of many essential dependable and cheap method of securing the identity of property and deterring robbery. The enterprise has spent over two years getting to know the marketplace and refining its respond for native clients and companies.

The organisation uses advanced nanotechnology to validate its domestically-manufactured Micro Dots, making it unbelievable to repeat or counterfeit their tags. every batch is etched with a unique Asset identity quantity (AIN) after which mixed right proper right into a patented, resilient adhesive, ready for software for the duration of the areas of an asset.

The reply, which dries to a troublesome, clear finish, contains an Ultraviolet (UV) sensitive supplies which glows while exposed to a UV moderate to degree the presence of the microtags.

even though illegally undetectable to the bare eye, tiny Micro Dot’s etched with the specific AIN and unfold inconspicuously in the course of vehicles, office gadgets, pc strategies, furniture, jewelery and residential tools, turn into extraordinarily efficient asset identifiers. The AIN is related to a complete description of all the assets related to it on a excessive-safety net-based totally Asset sign in.

The Asset check in offers diploma 4 security, which is similar degree of safety ready through banking web pages. All records is saved off internet site, with complete redundancy and precise time backups. totally legal clients authenticated by way of way of username and password have access to the database. The Asset sign in is definitely handy by way of manner of the net and could possibly cope with infinite records garage.

potentialities can check in their belongings and address their very personal asset check in themselves on line, or contact the selection coronary coronary heart to do it for them.

groups throughout the law Enforcement businesses have been equipped with devices that permit them to have a look at for microtags on vehicles and definitely special excessive-fee property placed from criminals. The Microdot’s telltale signature and the distinct AIN permit them to trace possession by way of the global sign up, rising the chances of convalescing out of place and stolen assets.

The corporation furthermore has a whistle blowing thing to it and one-of-a-kind people can have the power to file suspected stolen property and property anonymously by means of manner of the website. This facts will in all opportunity be acted on by private investigators, law enforcement companies and insurers.

The Director elements out that achievement of microdot tagging as a software program to discourage and decrease theft is predicated upon the broader adoption and recognition of the enjoy with the aid of the SAPS, native clients and firms, and completely special associated authorities.

The company has been in consultation with these our our our bodies and is operating with them to drive similarly acceptance in any respect tiers. there is moreover a rising curiosity in microdot enjoy from totally exclusive industries along with the coverage insurance protection corporation and financial providers quarter. Negotiations are at modern underway with important insurers to supply the organization’s respond as a price-brought product.

“After in reality three years of severe evaluation, making plans and progress, we’re facilitated to deliver our superior tagging and hint reply to the marketplace. who needs to guard what’s minds and be proactive approximately preventing crime on this kingdom, “concludes the director.

The organisation is the only player that operates in the Microdot and tracking area. In have an effect on, you may screen their microdots in the event of an asset being stolen or hijacked. for extra records visit [http://recoveri.vpnt.net/]

hint enjoy (additional knowledge)

The hint enjoy works with the aid of a transmitter that constantly emits its personal special id signal this is picked up by our beacons located country wide and transmitted to our administration coronary heart and database that contains the details of the asset and owner. The device is active 24 hours an afternoon, seven days every week.

for the duration of the occasion of a robbery, you name a 24-hour administration coronary heart that could “purple flag” your transmitter quantity and alert all hooked up and cell beacons national. Then, whilst your vehicle or asset passes the beacons, they routinely ship records to the management coronary coronary heart, which prompts response groups in that region.

It is not a GPS place device, it’s far a factor-to-point system.


The company has outsourced the healing of belongings to a provider who have its non-public nationwide neighborhood of recuperation brokers. moreover they have access to airborne and waterborne restoration facilities.

The organization on a everyday foundation liaises with the SAPS at some stage in healing operations to effect an arrest


The healing charge recorded through SAIA, which exceeds their minimum recovery requirement of 70% of liabilities

The devices is FCC & ETSI (CE) certified. ETSI EN three hundred 220, CE Directive 99/05 / CE, FCC identification 06XL-TG501.

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